Nathan Breskin-Auer’s Biography

Hello, my name is Nathan Breskin-Auer. I am a Product Designer and PM for Outlook Web Access in Exchange. Since joining the Exchange team 2004, I have been responsible for redesigning OWA Light to make it solve the non-Windows/non-IE6+ scenarios (Mac, Linux, Safari, Firefox, et al), the performance scenarios (airport kiosk, dial-up, et al), as well as serve as the primary interface for blind and low-vision users.

I've worked with Microsoft off-and-on since 1995, starting as web developer with MSN 1.0 where I had the privilege of working on one of the first online cartoons, created by Jon Kricfalusi of Ren & Stimpy fame. During the past 11 years I have helped design the Biztalk Rules Engine, served as Creative Director for a financial firm, art directed numerous CDs for major label bands, and have had my photos featured in publications such as Variety, New York Daily News, and The Seattle Times.

Time not spent working is spent with my wife and children, as well as the occasional golf round or fly fishing outing.

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