Exchange 2007 Beta 2 SDK available for download!

I just noticed that Scott Schnoll posted this on his blog!

This preliminary release of the Exchange 2007 SDK Documentation and Samples provides new and updated documentation and samples for building applications that use Exchange Server 2007 Beta 2. Use the Exchange 2007 SDK Beta 2 to help you develop collaborative enterprise applications with Exchange.

Get it now at

- Nino Bilic

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  1. Any examples of applications built upon Exchange in the past?

  2. Scott says:

    The Beta 2 release includes the following sample code projects:

    Bandwidth Logging

    Body Conversion

    Bridgehead Logging


    Cancel Appointment

    CDO Scripts

    COM Interop

    Create Mailbox Before Logon

    Create New Appointment

    Create New Store

    Custom Filter Sink


    Gateway Logging

    Issue Tracking

    Managed Tree View Control

    Messaging Samples

    Move Mailbox ADSI_CDOEXM

    New Mail


    OLEDB Scripts


    Task Wizard

    Technology Evaluation

    Tree View Control

    User Information Web Service



  3. tdisk says:

    I was excited to see the Exchange 2007 beta.  What I am disappointed in is that the ESE API still is not compatible with .NET.  Has anyone built a backup application for exchange from .net, or can you offer a suggestion on how to perform backups/restores from .net?

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