Video: Exchange 2007 Local Continuous Replication feature in action

Scott Schnoll recorded this quite lengthy (over 21 minutes) demonstration where he talks about the Local Continuous Replication feature in Exchange 2007 and gives a demonstration on how this feature works in current builds of Exchange 2007.


Seeing that the resolution of this video is quite high and there are user interface details that you might want to see, it might be better to download the video locally and then play it.


You can see the video here:


Hope you like it!


- The Exchange Team

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  1. CK says:

    Very cool!! Worth the upgrade just for that!

  2. Michael Edward Kohlman says:

    Not just for that, I find myself lusting after the command-shell as well…

  3. Jeff Guillet says:

    Great demo, Scott! Thanks!

    Any chance we can see a demo on Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR)? While it’s nice to have LCR for local server high availability, there’s still a huge need for site high availability.

  4. Lee Wilmott says:

    EXCELLENT DEMO…Very interesting, although I would like to support Jeff Guillet.  I’m having a few problems getting CCR working…I’d love to see a CCR Demo!  Any chance?

  5. justin says:

    Great demo.  Where can I get that wallpaper?

  6. Michael Edward Kohlman says:

    Yes.  How about a copy of that wallpaper, say in 1280×1024….

  7. adam says:

    Why were log files set to 5MB?

    Why are they staying at 5MB in Exchange 2007?

  8. Long waited for this stuff – great. What about SAN support? btw, shell support for PowerShell looks like a real time saver, is there already some conciese documentation available regarding the Exchage Powershell possibilities?

  9. Juan S. says:

    I’m glad to see this and excited about Cluster replication..

  10. Poo says:

    How to revert back to the normal database? Restore without affecting the production? Then perform the same steps to go back to the normal database?

    Can this be performed using different Exchange 2007 server rather than same server?

  11. John says:

    I’m looking for more info on CCR also

  12. Fabrice says:

    what about CCR?

  13. erhan.ege says:

    cool demo. Thanks

  14. Andy C says:

    Great demo.  I have followed this on my install.  The command update-storagegroupcopy does not exist on my system.

    Is this in a newer realease than CTP version?

  15. adam says:

    Answer to my own question;

    "Why were log files set to 5MB?

    Why are they staying at 5MB in Exchange 2007?"

    From Technet;

    "Transaction log file size has been reduced from 5 MB to 1 MB to support the new continuous replication features in Exchange 2007."

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve previously blogged about the two forms of continuous replication that are built into Exchange 2007:

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