DJ Schwend’s Biography

I'm DJ Schwend, UI PM for Outlook Web Access in Exchange. I started working at Microsoft in 1995 with the IE4 design team. I created the Internet Explorer Starter Kit and made lots of icons (including the Q-Bert-looking cube for Active X and others that no longer exist). I was part of the Money design team that shipped Money 98 and Money 99, the first Microsoft products with a "web" UI.

I left Microsoft in '98 to join the dot com craze and started a small design shop that had the opportunity to design the user experience for some Microsoft products including MSN Companion, a laptop internet device; Windows CE Platform Builder, an embedded SDE; Game Voice, voice-enabled gaming software; and the complete UI for the Microsoft Home demo facility here in Redmond.

I re-joined Microsoft in 2003 to be an advocate for customer driven design and usability. On the OWA product team in Exchange, I am working to make it the world's best web e-mail client.

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