How can mailbox quota limit messages impact server performance?

Dave Goldman posted a very interesting post on his blog a little while ago, talking about how mailbox quota limit messages can impact Exchange server performance. He goes into different ways to customize the mailbox quota messages, how the process of firing those messages happens and in the end, how and under which circumstances Exchange Server performance could be impacted.

Definitely a good read. Head over here to read it!

- Nino Bilic

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  1. Peter Boos says:

    Aha i see the colors…so there’s where the old exchange blog went


  2. Peter Boos says:

    just a comment, if i remember well then in the past Outlook cashed Exchange, (outlook) forms. There was even a method to retrieve a lost form on exchange back trough a client. So stopped outlook doing this? or is something else happening because the article mentions that outlook is asking Exchange for this form (why is that needed ??? as outlook would have a cashed version of it, after it had opened once such form)

  3. Dave says:

    There was no form for this. One other way to get around this is to cache a copy of this form.

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