Video: Exchange 2003 SP2 configuration for Windows Mobile 5 and MSFP Direct Push

Harold Wong demonstrates what is required on the Exchange Server and the Windows Mobile 5 device to get the Direct Push feature to work correctly!

Video page:

- The Exchange Team

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  1. Jeffrey says:

    Good job with the video demo, thanks for providing them!  2 questions:

    1.  Where does the mobileadmin wipe utility gather the list of devices that have connected to a given mailbox?

    2.  Where can I get a Windows Mobile device simulator, which would be a big help for documentation, training, support, .etc?

  2. Dave says:

    Excellent video demo, looking forwards to seeing more soon

  3. Vytas says:

    I find it disturbing that SP2 has been out since November of last year, and I have only been able to find 2 instances of service providers that are providing the Messaging and Security Feature Pack (Verizon is the only one in the US I have discovered-with a 700 series Treo, and the other was some Dutch operator, from what I recall).

    I have read so much about this feature – as well as attended MSFT partner training on this – what the heck is going on?

  4. eufreka says:

    There are unofficial ROMs. I have been running one on a Cingular 8125 for the past week.

    It is working incredibly well. And Direct Push appears to be faster and more reliable than I expected.

    (Palm’s failure to capitalize on this opportunity will go into the books as a huge blunder…)

  5. Dave says:

    SprintPCS has released the MSFP, I use direct push on my ppc6700 currently (and it works well).

  6. Ahmed Jalal says:

    A question, it said you can get emails in your inbox. What about emails in folders inside the inbox? Can you get those too?

    Also, someone above asked how to obtain the Windows Mobile emulator. You need Visual Studio 2005 (anything standard and above) and then download the emulator images  from

  7. Harold Wong says:

    The mobileadmin tool pulls the device information from the user’s Exchange profile / mailbox.

    For Windows Mobile 5 devices with MSFP, Verizon and Sprint / Nextel (as mentioned in earlier posts) have devices out.  The others should be following suite soon.

    For the standalone Emulator, I posted on my blog ( and the Exchange blog also has an entry.

    Harold Wong

  8. Carlos says:

    Darn!! I can’t view WMVs in LINUX!

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