Free swag to Exchange user groups

I have a bunch of swag and I'd like to find it a good home. Some of it is fun new stuff (Exchange Communities "Road Warrior" kits (including mini-USB mouse etc) and a nifty one-handed stapler/tape dispenser), the rest is mainly legacy gear [oops I mean vintage] from past releases - Exchange 2000 and 2003 t-shirts, jackets, other tchotchke's.

I thought I'd check if any Exchange user groups would like small care packages of this swag for a future meeting. 

In order to be eligible for this, you must be a leader of a user group that meets in person and talks about Exchange at those meetings at least four times a year and has a fairly up to date web page. 

We've got enough swag to do a decent-sized care package (3-5 things) for 10 groups; if we get fewer than 10 submissions, we'll do larger care packages. We'll accept submissions for two weeks.

EDIT: We got a LOT of requests already, which is great! However, as we are running out of swag, we can not accept further submissions. Thank you!! If your group made it - you will be haring from us.


- KC Lemson

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  1. David Price says:

    I am in the process of creating an Exchange Users Group in Pittsburgh PA and would love to have some of this SWAG.  

    Is this possible?

    Thanks, -David

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