Want to help us gear up for Exchange "12" Unified Messaging and Mobility release?

Here is a great opportunity for few "right" customers.  If you might be interested, please respond to "michael DOT liu AT microsoft DOT com" and I will set up a call with you to go through details.  The Exchange team is currently recruiting our best global brand name customers with an interest in Unified Messaging or Mobility to participate in Fall advertising (Note: Only 4 Customers will be selected). 

The Exchange team would provide:

- Resources to deploy Unified Messaging to 100 Exchange "12" mailboxes or 20 mobile phones to deploy on 100 Exchange "12" mailboxes
- A dedicated MCS or Partner resource to help you deploy Exchange "12"
- Two 64-bit servers to run Exchange "12"
- For UM, a dedicated Unified Messaging consultant to integrate Exchange "12" into your PBX system
- Access to the Exchange Unified Messaging or client access program managers

Your obligation would be to:

- Participate in global advertising campaign
- Provide project manager
- Deploy 100 mailboxes on Exchange "12" beta 2
- Work with Microsoft, Partner and Unified Messaging consultants to assist with technical implementation to be started June 15 through September
- PR/Marketing resource to coordinate advertising activity such as ad copy approval, photo shoots, case study and video interviews and approval

This is a great chance for the "right" customer (meaning, a customer we are looking for) to develop a deep relationship with the Exchange product team and showcase you and your company's technology leadership. Let us know if you are interested.  Send an email to "michael DOT liu AT microsoft DOT com" with the following information:

- Company name
- Contact email address
- How many employees
- Number of Exchange mailboxes
- Primary messaging system

Please note that this is a nomination process and not a guarantee of participation. Customers will be chosen based on a number of advertising criteria including benefits of E12 to the organization, name recognition, final target publications and geographies, etc.  We appreciate you being one of Exchange's very best customers!

- Michael Liu

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  1. garland callum says:

    i would like to know about the e-mail beta testing where one can make money for forwarding an e- mail please let me know about this

  2. garland callum says:

    i would like to know about the beta testing with the e-mail forwarding e- mails and get paid please let me know if this is real

  3. Eduardo Azara says:


    I work in VIVO (cell phone operator) and I am interested in this solution. Is it possible to integrate with Voicemail systems (VMS) that we have for customers ?

    Please contact me at

    eduardo DOT azara AT vivo DOT com DOT br

  4. Jenn says:

    Definitely interested – how do we get on the list?  (jenn AT qualcomm DOT com)

  5. Jenn says:

    Definitely interested – how do we get on the list?  (jenn AT qualcomm DOT com)

  6. jaffas says:

    good job

  7. Steve Gables says:

    Im trying to find info on PBX integration of Exchange 12  

    & list of approved vendors

    Any assistance would be appreciated

    Steve Gables




  8. David Sekely says:

    Also looking for a list of approved PBX’s.

    Currently running an Avaya IP Office 406

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