Exchange 12 preview Webcast series – live this week!

We have several Exchange 12 Webcasts running this week, starting with one today. To keep up with what might come up on the subject, please go to this page.


To summarize, this is what we have going on this week:


TechNet Webcast: An Overview of Exchange "12" (Level 200)
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
1:00 P.M.-2:30 P.M. Pacific Time

TechNet Webcast: Giving the Administrator More Control in Exchange "12" (Level 200)
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
1:00 P.M.-2:30 P.M. Pacific Time

TechNet Webcast: Client Access and Web Services in Exchange "12" (Level 200)
Thursday, March 16, 2006
11:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M. Pacific Time

TechNet Webcast: Message Security and Active Protection in Exchange "12" (Level 200)
Friday, March 17, 2006
9:30 A.M.-11:00 A.M. Pacific Time



- Nino Bilic

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  1. Anonymous says:

    People always ask me about this and that, but to be honest… I don’t know all Microsoft technologies….

  2. zegna says:

    haha good

  3. jpciocon says:

    Hi, Nino:

    Alas, I found these webcasts too late to make adjustments to my calendar and be able to attend most of them, being on the East Coast and all.  Please tell me that these will be repeated in the near future.


  4. Exchange says:


    You can see last week’s Webcasts on demand now or whenever you would like. The links are on the following page:

  5. FunkyD says:

    I often miss webcasts and the only time I get to see repeats in on my way to and from work. I tried putting a webcast on my WM5 PDA and there was no video due to there not being a WM9 codec (I think).

    Perhaps MS could do the tech community a favor and encode in a format that allows us to use them on WM devices?

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