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I am a Program Manager in the Exchange Support Tools team. I joined Microsoft in 2000 and I mainly focused on customer related works out of the Exchange product team. I moved over to the tool development side last year but well, I am still working for Exchange.

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  1. Ranodom Axis says:

    Hello Haruya,

    I was wondering if you had or new of somewhere there is a good template for documenting your companies exchange servers and there setup to a disaster recovery plan. You know if the worst happens you could use it to setup your server from scratch again should your backups be corrupt.

    I always come across articles saying document your systems. It would be great to have a template which covers all the bases.

    Thank you,


  2. JohnV says:


    Is there a way to globally disable the "user initial synchronization" under user and computer, exchange features, mobile services? Bu deafault this attribute is set to "enable". I like to be able to have this done through a Policy or Schema mods.



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