Exchange Escalation Engineer jobs available!

(This job listing has expired. The updated one is here.)

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  1. A Large Microsoft Customer says:

    /rant on/

    It is finally time that Microsoft hired some experienced folks. North America support is great. China and India would not be bad if 1) The folks on the other end had experience with the product (5+ years) and 2) Microsoft invested in them instead of farming 100% of it out to some half-baked contract support firm, and bragging that 95% of their first line support is in a country where most Microsoft products are pirated.

    The folks overseas are very hit and miss, spend too much time saying "please hold" and coming back regurgitating an answer that their lead told them. Several occasions left me shaking my head…Why can’t "I" get into Microsoft when this Exchange team person tells me that I need to run Exchange forestprep before every Exchange server install. The tech mentioned that is why I am having problems. Fortunately, I got a NA Active Directory engineer on to set them straight.

    Not to mention that companies that go through this BURN a TON of TAM hours. We have to get her/him on the phone to listen in and then escalated to North America. What, $250/hr because there is a severe lack of experience and competency, which will only come with time supporting the product? Eh, Fiscal 2006 ends in September…looks like Premier contract renewal will be fun.

    Hint to Microsoft Premier customers…always mark it as Sev A and you will generally get someone who is a 3.5 or higher. Granted, that makes distinguishing between an Emergency and Non-Emergency nearly impossible.

    Joe Customer (This comment will be deleted in 50 seconds)

  2. Another Joe Customer says:

    Unfortunately <a href="">this</a&gt; KB article tells us a lot about how bugs are solved in MS’ core IW components.

  3. AG says:

    Everythings great till FY’08

  4. AG says:

    On a more serious note, I know a few escalation engineers from my days at MS. As a friend of a couple of EE’s I can say the job is extremely intense and very rewarding.

    They always have some wild bug or issue they have been working on for 10 hours… makes me get all misty eyed thinking about the good old days.

  5. Raaj KS says:

    I know these comments were made on Decemeber 2005. Responding to adding opinions to the same could be out of date. But……its fine

    I do agree to some extend about the folks in India..but there are group of experienced and seasoned engineers who do some good work with Exchange. Some of their knowledge is commendable too.

    They are taking baby steps..but with the right orientation and attitude they can mature as good Exchange professionals.

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