Viviane Lopes’ Bio

I'm Support Escalation Engineer working with the Microsoft Enterprise Support for Latin America. I've been working for Microsoft in USA for almost 3 years. My background includes nine years of experience conducting a small consulting business in Brazil, performing both technical and executive management tasks. This company was accredited by Microsoft as a Certified Partner, thus giving me the opportunity to specialize very much on Microsoft technologies, mainly Exchange and Windows Servers.

Microsoft's style, which in my opinion is innovative, bold and completely in tune with the challenges of these moderns times and its extraordinary capacity for innovation are my inspiration and source of passion.

Besides computers, I enjoy the science of Gourmet Cooking J. I also like to read all sort of books, because I believe that only through knowledge and education that we can make our lives better - as said by Disraeli (1804-1881) - "to be conscious that you are an ignorant is a great step of knowledge".

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