Matthew Byrd’s Bio

I started my adventures at Microsoft supporting Exchange 5.5 over 4 years ago.  It is amazing how much the product and the support has changed in that time.  My primary concentration is around the Admin side of Exchange but as a member of our Critical Situation Support team I get to support the whole product.  Every day I spend in Critical Situation land is another adventure in what can and does go wrong with computers and Exchange.  I am very passionate about helping our customers help themselves, either by preventing problems or by knowing how to get out of common ones.  In my personal life I have become addicted to World of Warcraft (curses on Blizzard ... and why didn't we buy them when we had the chance).  I am also an avid Sci-Fi Reader and a huge fan of the Sci-Fi Channel.

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    A user leaving the organization is something that all our customers have to find a method of dealing…

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