Kevin Miller’s Biography

Kevin Currently works at Microsoft as a technical writer for the Exchange team. It took a long time to lead me to Microsoft. It started out many many moons ago in a chemistry class. Me being me, I was a bit ahead of the rest of the class, and I was trying to help out a fellow student with a problem. The teacher got a bit miffed at me for talking while he was talking. He said, "Well Mr. Miller, if you are so smart why don’t you come up and teach the class?" I did, and I did it well for about 2 minutes until the vein in his head almost burst, and he made me leave his class, never to return.

The only other class open during that time frame was a really lame computer class. That lead me to student of the month, student of the year two years in a row, then to work full time for the school district for a few years as one of only two IT techs for a district of 9,000 students. Talented was I. From there I have worked IT in the not-for-profit space, banking, consulting, computer retail sales, music production business, real-estate business, on the beaches in Florida - I even made it to a basement level in The Pentagon.

Exchange and helping people have always been big passions of mine. These passions resulted in invitations to be an Exchange MVP for a number of years. From that program, I met enough Microsoft contacts to be able to finally ask one to help me get a job here. It was at the words of my 9 year old son that drove me to give up the glamorous life of a 100% travel consultant for Dell. He said to me one day, "Dad, when are you going to come home?" About a week later I accepted an offer from Microsoft, and here I am. xxOutside of work I have a bit of an obsession with things that go fast: dirt bikes, street bikes, cars, planes. I really to go new places and get there fast. I have a cabin out on a lake where I like to spend as much of my summer time as possible. Playing in the water with all kinds of gas powered toys and just relaxing in the sun.

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