Patrick Tousignant’s Biography

Before joining Microsoft, I was working in the R&D department of a software consulting company based in Montreal. With 3 days notice, I was sent to Seattle (had to look it up on a map) for a 3-week project at "a large aircraft manufacturer". That was back in 1997, my Mother still asks me when I'll be coming back from my "trip". After running out of 3-week projects to work on, I decided to get rid of the suit and come work at Microsoft. Exchange immediately put me to work on the Exchange Move Server Wizard, a 3-week project that lasted a year. Later on, I was put in charge of the Exchange System Attendant, everyone's favourite service (yes, that's how the rest of the world spells "favourite"). Now I'm working on AirSync, the part of Exchange that let's you receive e-mails on PDAs and SmartPhones, the greatest invention since sliced bread.

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