Customer Experience (CXP) team looking for a Program Manager!

The Customer Experience team (CXP - because everything at Microsoft has to have a TLA :-) is looking for a program manager to join our team and focus on making Exchange easier and cheaper to use. With the usual program manager position, you own a certain part of the product such as OWA or transport, but this PM will be operating across the entire product, working in conjunction with product support services, partners and other groups inside and outside of the company to understand what problems customers are having with the product today and drive improvements back into the product. Strong project management experience and passion about customers is a must. Qualified candidates should have five years experience with Exchange, and ten years experience in software development, IT or related software work.

Send your resume to:

exchcxpr AT exchange DOT microsoft DOT com

EDIT2: We updated the email address for contact on this, please use the above address!

- The Exchange Team

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  1. Chris Haaker says:


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  2. Exchange says:

    Thanks, Chris – looking into it now.

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