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I am an Engineer in Exchange Escalation Services team in Texas and specifically in the group which handles Exchange Critical Situation (CritSit) cases ( aka the ER or The Trauma Center).  The buck stops right here, literally.  We will work with you to fix any Exchange issue, any time of the day, & any day of the year.  My area of expertise and passion is Exchange Transports, with almost seven years of pure Transports' experience at Microsoft.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, and have designed Electronic Circuits (Digital, Analog, & Mixed mode) in my previous professional career.  And yes, that was fun too.
Besides helping customers, I work with Dev / Product Group on issues where we hit bugs in source code, to provide feedback to Dev for product improvement, add new features / specs in next generation Exchange Servers, reduce customer and support pain areas.   I am also the author of several white papers, Webcasts, advanced troubleshooters, and KB articles on complex topics.  For example, I am the author of Transports' Categorizer Whitepaper, the "Contributing Author" of "Exchange Server 2003 Transports and Routing Guide", and I was also requested to tech  reviewed the Transports' Chapters of Exchange Server 2003 Resource kit.   I also develop and deliver, advanced Transports' training to internal Microsoft Support Engineers, Tech Leads, Escalation Services' Engineers, as well as to Microsoft Partner's Elite Engineers.  I like to debug to some extent, and don't mind peek into the source code, if it helps resolve an issue.

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    What is Regtrace?


    Regtrace is an extremely useful debug tool, which helps Exchange Escalation…

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