Meet the Exchange UE (User Education) team!

Greetings from the Exchange User Education (UE) team!  As this is our first official team blog entry, we decided to start off with a little background about who we are and what we do.


Exchange UE, a unit of the Windows Server System User Experience group, is charged with the creation and management of a wide variety of content related to Exchange Server. Among other things, Exchange UE is responsible for content such as user interface strings, product documentation, online help, and content for the Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer, the Exchange Server TechCenter, the Exchange Software Development Kits (SDKs), and Exchange Errors and Events.


We work closely with many teams at Microsoft to deliver a common user experience and to design innovative and compelling content. These teams include the Exchange product group, Microsoft Product Support Services, the Exchange Center of Excellence, Exchange Marketing, and in some form or another, just about everyone else inside Microsoft that works on Exchange. We also contribute to various Microsoft conferences around the world where we present to and meet customers face-to-face.


We’ll use this blog to announce newly released and updated content, and to solicit feedback and comments on the content.  We’ll also be promoting the Exchange Server TechCenter, as we want it to be the number one, authoritative source of information and technical resources for Exchange.


So without further ado, meet the Exchange User Education team:

Alison Hirsch

Brendon Bennett

Cathy Anderson

Diane Forsyth

James Scott

Janice Howd

Jill Reinauer

Jo Sawyer

Joe Orzech

John Speare

Jon Hoerlein

Julie Pickering

Jyoti Kulkarni

Kerry Landen

Kevin Allison

Kweku Ako-Adjei

Lindsay Pyfer

Ryan Wike

Scott Schnoll

Sean Pohtilla

Tammy Treit

Thom Randolph

Tim Lulofs

We welcome your comments and feedback on our documentation and content. Please feel free to send your documentation/content-related questions to:


exchdocs AT microsoft DOT com


- Exchange UE Team

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  1. Excellent! This is already my favorite MS Blog, and with your presence Scott, it will only get better!

    Welcome, I look forward to looks of good stuff :)

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  3. Anonymous says:

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