Sami Khoury’s Bio

Sami Khoury has been working at Microsoft in various capacities since 1999, with a two-year stint at an ill-fated dot-com thrown in between for good measure.  In that time, he has served as Microsoft's representative in the authoring of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol specification, one of the world's first XML-based messaging protocols that is used today by Reuters, Oracle, and Documentum to name a few.

Since then, Sami has supported the executive staff with research and strategy recommendations on topics ranging from declarative language and application development technologies to face detection and recognition systems to reviews of Linux deployment scenarios and driver model architectures.  Most recently, he is building enhanced synchronization capabilities for delivery as part of Exchange 2003 SP2.

Prior to entering industry, Sami spent four years doing computer music research at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at the University of California at Berkeley.  His work spanned the design and implementation of networking protocols for streaming media, 3D user interfaces, and real-time volumetric visualization and has been featured in journals such as Computer Graphics World and the conference proceedings of SIGGRAPH, the IEEE, and the Audio Engineering Society.

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    (or, The Design of Exchange Direct Push)


    I bought my first cell phone in the summer of 2000…

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    1 Background


    Few weeks ago, I returned from a two week bicycling adventure through the fjords…

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    1 Background


    A few weeks ago, I returned from a two week bicycling adventure through the fjords…

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