Rex Foxford’s Biography

Rex Foxford started at Microsoft in 1991 as a telecom engineer on the Product Support Call Center. His claim to fame is his role as engineering lead of a large callcenter redesign that featured the deployment of one of the first cross-contintental virtual callcenters deployed on ATM technology. Seems old hat today, but back then it was cutting edge stuff. Since then Rex has moved from his Telecom Architect role in the IT group, to the product side working on projects related to telephony and email products including TAPI, VOIP, IPPBX, Unified Messaging, Mobile Informatin Server, and Exchange Mobile Messaging (OMA, OWA, ActiveSync) for Exchange 2003, to his current role managing the Exchange 12 Integration team and internal "dogfooding" of Microsoft Exchange E12 and SP2.

Rex is an avid fisherman who loves the challenge of steelhead and salmon fishing all around the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

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