When a short Webcast meets a blog…

… you get what some people are calling a "Blogcast". Eileen Brown has posted a couple of short video clips blogcasts showcasing a specific feature on Exchange, one on Smartphone with Exchange and one on the Recovery Storage Group in Exchange 2003.


Let us know if you like this format or what you think about it, by posting comments here!


EDIT: Seeing that there were great comments on this, I wanted to let you know - Eileen posted yet another Blogcast today, on Exchange 2003 Deployment tools. Enjoy, and thanks to Robert for mentioning it!


- Ewan Dalton

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  1. Benjamin Mateos says:

    I already told it on her Blog.

    I love them !!! ;-)

    They are really good, because it goes to a specific topic and you can see them even, on your PDA.

    Really nice work. Keep them coming !



  2. Kevin Remde says:

    Yes, Eileen is the "Queen of the Blogcast", in my opinion. I had the pleasure of meeting Eileen and the other UK IT Pro Evangelists a couple of weeks ago. In a "best practices" session she discussed how these are done, and the great impact they’re having. As a result, I and some of my US teammates planning on doing some of these also.

    What a great format… it’s a short demo, available anytime. You don’t have to sit through a whole webcast to get a useful gem-or-two. (Not that I would ever want to knock webcasts… heck, I’m leading the Windows Server 2003 Admin webcast series which kicks off next week! :))

    Good work, Eileen! Keep it up!


  3. Chris Haaker says:

    They absolutely Rock! PLEASE keep them coming. They are WAY better, IMO, than the formal MS webcasts as they are more intimate, focused and to the point. I loved the one on RSG’s!

    Go blogcasts! Go blogcasts!

    PS What did you use to record them?

  4. EwanD says:

    Chris – I used Windows Media Encoder to record the blogcasts featured- Eileen’s colleague John Howard has documented how to do bandwidth-optimized blogcast recording in his own blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/jhoward/archive/2005/01/24/359391.aspx

    There’s also some commentary about how they were recorded on http://blogs.msdn.com/eileen_brown/archive/2004/12/09/278983.aspx


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