Konstantin Ryvkin’s Bio

Joined Microsoft IT more than 5 years ago and specialized on security aspects of e-mail, including mitigating Internet e-mail threats, messaging hygiene, secure mobile messaging and Exchange server platform security. I was responsible for engineering aspects of Microsoft’s corporate e-mail antivirus and antispam systems and designed various technical solutions to increase the security of Microsoft’s internal e-mail environment. As a part of the Exchange Center of Excellence I am now working on developing proactive guidelines aimed to reduce customer critical situations in the area of messaging security.

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  1. Adoyt says:

    We replaced our 5.5 SMTP servers with Exchange 2003 today and there are messages comming in from a CRM application with garbled text. There appears to be an encoding problem. The successful messages we received yesterday showed the encoding from 5.5 as Binary. The unsuccessful messages from Exchange 2003 show as base64.
    <br>Any ideas?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Microsoft IT Messaging team has a great opportunity in Redmond, WA for someone who is interested in designing…

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