Michael Palermiti’s Biography

I'm a Supportability Program Manager (SPM) on the Exchange Supportability/Beta Team at Microsoft, which is a small group of PMs focusing on the next major releases of Exchange Server and future Service Packs. I started at Microsoft in January 2001, in PSS, supporting Exchange 5.5 and 2000, and then later Exchange 2003. Some of you might know me as Technical Lead from the Charlotte PSS site, but in May 2004 I made the move to Redmond where I am now in the SPM position. Essentially, the SPM’s are responsible for driving customer needs and PSS supportability requirements into the product by serving as a liaison between PSS and the product development team. Exchange is a huge product and there is a great deal of opportunity to improve upon it in the next versions. That is the part that makes this job very cool- making an impact and helping to make our software better by driving the needs of customers and better support into future versions. So, if YOU have any feedback or comments about your Exchange supportability experience, please consider sending it my way. You can contact me via my own blog... I try to keep it updated: http://blogs.msdn.com/mfp2. (Keyword being "try"!) <G>

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