Some seriously cool blog posts by members of Exchange team…

Those were posted on their own blogs, and I wanted to mention them as some of this information is really priceless!


While it is possible that many visitors to Exchange Team blog already know about those, there will be those that do not know:


From Jeremy Kelly's blog:


Determine the True amount of WhiteSpace in an Exchange Database


Store Background Processes Part I - IS Maintenance


From Evan Dodds:


Badmail changes in Exchange 2003 SP1


New RPC/HTTP(S) Managed topology in Exchange 2003 SP1


E2k3 SP1 Site Consolidation: So you think you're ready to remove your 5.5 Site...


Good reference material for Exchange 2003 SP1 Cross-site Moves/Site Consolidation


From Michael Palermiti:


PSS and Memory Dumps


Yup, Exchange folks can definitely blog and do it well! :) Happy blog-reading!


Nino Bilic

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