Exchange Bloggers OPML

Download the Exchange Bloggers OPML, last updated April 30, 2004. This is a list of people (including Microsoft employees, MVPs and other folks) who blog about Exchange topics more frequently than your average bear.

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  1. Michael Lundgren says:

    A new Exchange blog:

  2. Michael Lundgren says:

    A new Exchange blog:

  3. Peter Karsai says:

    Do I really have to sign in with MS Passport? :((

  4. Mike Walsh says:

    Well, I don’t even get the chance to log in – just a "you are not allowed to access this page".

  5. adam says:

    nope.. No file :(

  6. Agpiah says:

    I get the site but there is no rss feed

  7. KC Lemson says:

    Odd… I am not logged into my passport account, but I can access the file just fine. Let me look into this.

  8. Michael Lundgren says:

    I see my blog on "other exchange blogs" (Nice)but the link is, It should be and the link to the feed is


    Michael Lundgren

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