Jason Nelson’s Biography

I began working at Microsoft as a contractor supporting PowerPoint 3.0, 4.0, and later 95. I switched to supporting MSMail 3.2, where I wrote the first thing that ever saw the light of day - a service to run SCHDIST.EXE.

I began working for Microsoft supporting Exchange 4.0 in ’96. I specialized in MTA (EMSMTA) problems. During that time I produced the first MMF to PST migration wizard (MigratePST), and a tool for viewing MTA Database files called MTAView. The last thing I would code in that position was a SMF (Novell) to Exchange migration tool.

I moved to the Sustained Engineering team just as 5.5 hit the streets, and have worked as a dev there ever since. Other bits and pieces you can blame on me - an archiving agent for Exchange to SQL that was deployed at a few legal firms, some parts of Mailbox Manager for Exchange 5.5, and a whole lot of bug fixes.

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