Carol Swales’ Bio

My name is Carol Swales and I’m a tester on the Exchange Setup Test team.  Since joining Exchange in June 2000 I’ve tested various areas of setup, including Disaster Recovery and Clustering.  Before joining Exchange I worked as a contractor on several different Microsoft projects.  I started out running daily BVT’s on MCIS, moved on to be the release coordinator for SBS and BackOffice Server, and even spent a short time working in training.  Several hundred acronyms later, here I am.

When I’m not working I’m likely to be running, reading, or working on some crazy project for my next trip to Burning Man.  Last year I married an Englishman, and while married life is great one unfortunate side effect is that slowly and subconsciously my slang is replacing itself with new and strange terminology.  So if you find me saying things that don’t make any sense or catch me flipping the, um, backwards peace sign, pay no attention.

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