Melissa Travers’ Bio

I have been at Microsoft for about 6 years now.  For half of that time, I worked in what was then known as our Client Connectivity and Collaboration team (CCC).  In CCC, my focus was on a variety of issues dealing with client connectivity to Exchange, Outlook Web Access, and other client-side issues such as calendaring, delegate access etc. From there I moved to the Exchange Admin team and support issues such as Exchange Server setup and migrations, general administration, and disaster recovery. I have written several articles in both specialty areas.  Before starting my Microsoft career, I worked for a Microsoft partner supporting mostly OWA related issues.  As someone who has worked with OWA from its beginning, it never ceases to amaze me how popular it has become and how it has evolved from the Active Server Component in the 5.0 days! 


Currently, I am an Exchange MVP lead.

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