Ted Kolvoord’s Bio

Hi out there!


I'm a tester in the Exchange Group. Mostly I focus on issues having to do with interopability between two or more Exchange forests. MIIS, GALSYNC, Transport, ExchSync, are all areas I have looked at in the recent past. But at various times, I've had to use/debug/setup just about every Exchange related product since 5.5. Previously I've worked on the build team, owned the Dogfood lab (an internal production lab where we put our code into production in pre-Beta phases), and owned testing for the Dogfood lab.


Some quotes from History:

"This internet thing will be big some day" - Gord

"Just delete the admin object" - Name withheld to protect the not quite so innocent

"No dataloss on my watch,baby!" - Lee

"What would Scooby do?" - Patrick

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    Recently MSIT wanted to make some global changes to the retention time of public folders. In the past…

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