Eric Rosenberg’s Bio

They call me Berg. I’m one of Betsy’s original B-Boys on the Exchange Setup Test team known as the Underdogs. That was in ‘98, back when contractors made up a large percentage of the mostly unheralded test organization. I was lucky enough to get hired on as a full time employee (aka Blue Badge) for the Underdogs in Dec 99. Since then, Betsy has moved on, but the Underdogs still rule as one of the best test teams in Exchange, "The most feared and loathed group in Microsoft".
I suppose we all say this, but I’m not the typical geek you would expect to find here at MS. I was born in the Bronx, NY, but I grew up in Berkeley, CA where in high school I got hooked on the sport of Rugby and couldn’t stop playing for 13 years. I earned a degree in Cartography (map making) from San Francisco State in 1991, after which I immediately went to work as a carpenter. Seven years later I found myself programming and running robotic wood cutting machines at a cabinet shop in Woodinville, a suburb 10 mi NE of Seattle and 5 mi North of Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond. One day I get a call from a friend who used to work in the cabinet shop but is now working at MS as an Admin. She knows this amazing lady in her group named Betsy who is looking for testers, would I be interested...?
So here I am on the 5 person Exchange Setup Test team where I’ve owned testing just about all areas of Setup except clustering. My current areas of expertise are in Permissions and Security and ForestPrep & DomainPrep (for those that know what that is).
When not at MS, you’ll find me in the woods putting my Cartography degree to use as a member of the local Search and Rescue Association which I’ve been part of for 4 years. Of course I also do a lot of hiking and backpacking along with the SAR stuff. If I’m not in the woods, then I’m at home play computer games and watching survivor.
I figure most my posts will deal with either my areas of expertise, the general culture of what is like to work around here without being a hardcore geek, the latest episode of Survivor, or some clever anecdote about how Search and Rescue is related to testing software. Whichever is more interesting at the moment.

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