Jeremy Kelly’s Bio

Hello All !

My name is Jeremy Kelly. I am an Escalation Engineer in a group in PSS called Critical Problem Resolution. If you ever had an issue in PSS that resulted in a hotfix, then you spoke with someone from our group. We have the pleasure of diagnosing issues at a code level, reviewing dumps, and using a collection of advanced diagnostics to understand faults in code. Once an issue is diagnosed to failure point in code, we interact with the Exchange Sustained Engineering team to develop a fix for your issue. I have been in this role for nearly 6 years and have been with Microsoft for 7 years. I started supporting Exchange about the same time Exchange 4.0 hit the market. I attended UNC Charlotte for 3 years in the computer engineering program although isn’t it amazing how a steady paycheck influences your direction in life :)

My primary areas of focus in Exchange are the Information Store, ESE (the underlying database engine), and Directory.  I look forward to reading your feedback and sharing some of the more interesting issues we encounter.

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