Evan Dodds’ Biography

My name is Evan Dodds and I am a Program Manager in the Exchange Admin/SysMgmt team. I have been with Microsoft for about 6 years, with the first 4+ in Charlotte, NC and now in Redmond, WA. During this time, I have been a support engineer, a technical support lead, a beta-support engineer for both Exchange 2000 SP3 and Exchange 2003 SP1, and a support escalation engineer, helping our customers with their most critical issues and escalations.

My principle areas of Exchange expertise are the Admin interface, Setup/Deployment, and Clustering/Reliability. Exchange Clustering is a particular interest of mine and I have written, cowritten, or technically reviewed several whitepapers and numerous KB articles on this subject. I've also presented several Technet webcasts and am a contributor to the Microsoft.Public.* Newsgroups.

My current assignment is as a Program Manager on the Exchange Admin "System Management" team, where I contribute to the design of future versions of the Exchange Server product from a system management perspective. I own much of the recipient managment model for Exchange 2007, among other things, so I'm very interested in your perspectives on this area.

Please have a look at my blog (http://blogs.technet.com/evand/) where I have archived a bunch of posts on Exchange Clustering and Exchange 2003 SP1 issues from the past few years of posting. I'm slowly resuming my blogging - now on Exchange 2007 Admin topics - both at the Exchange Team blog and also directly on my blog. If you have a topic you'd like to see me blog about (no guarantees of course), please contact me through the contact form at: http://blogs.technet.com/evand/contact.aspx

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