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I've been with Microsoft for 6 years. I started at Microsoft in Exchange Support, and I've stuck with Exchange since then. I recently moved from PSS to the Exchange Customer Experience team (CXP). My primary focus has been on disaster recovery, and I've written a few KB articles and papers on the subject over the years. I've become a big fan of blogging and RSS. It will be fun to be writing in this format instead of just reading.

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  1. Francis Ouellet says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’d be nice to have you talk of the different scenarios/solutions for disaster recovery on Exchange (Geoclustering etc…)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Exchange-faq.dk – Din portal til Microsoft Exchange Server information

  3. Eric Kelner says:

    Hi Mike,

    Could you please explain the following:

    Use of an AFRS.

    Creating an AFRS.

    Salvaging data from an AFRS.

    Also, you mention that there’s a

    joke around there that Exchange is

    the world’s biggest hard disk diagnostics program.

    I laugh about that too!


  4. jesse says:

    Mike, you asked about my PST files, how do I get them to you?? -Jesse (jsnipper@dfi-intl.com)

  5. Anonymous says:



    A change in Exchange permissioning behavior may impact mobile communications…

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