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I am a Program manager on the System Management team in the Exchange product group.  Previous to becoming a PM I worked in PSS as a support professional, doing what else, supporting Exchange.  In support I did everything from disaster recovery to deployment to directory integration issues and so on...   I also supported other areas that don't begin with "D" but you get the gist.   I'm currently involved in the planning phases for a future release of Exchange but have background and expertise in current versions of Exchange including the System Attendant, Exchange Management Service, our management tools (ESM, ADUC), and various management features (move mailbox, mailbox management, policies, etc...).  Previous to working at Microsoft I worked as a Windows & Domino administrator at Winona State University in good ole Minnesota while obtaining my MIS degree.

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  1. Anonymous says: – Din portal til Microsoft Exchange Server information

  2. Jon Johnston says:

    Congratulations on your baby boy, Mike and Mandy. Hope you guys are well.

    By now you realize that the challenges are just beginning – the end of pregnancy is the beginning of everything else.

    Try not to spoil him too much, eh?

    Bless you.

    Still doing tons of Domino… <G>

    Jon Johnston

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Exchange System Attendant is a multi-faceted and sometimes mysterious service.&amp;nbsp; To remove some…

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