Dan Winter’s Biography

I have been with Microsoft full-time for close to 4 years now...  I started out on the Exchange 24x7 team in product support and have been there ever since.  When I started I was working with Exchange 5.0 and Exchange 5.5.  I got to work through the beta and release of Exchange 2000 and trained many of our new hires at our Texas site in Exchange 2000.  I have also enjoyed the beta of Exchange 2003 and its launch.  I have been a Mentor (equivalent to a Technical Lead) for the 24x7 team for about 2.5 years and most recently in the last few months have been a Canadian Tech Lead for our new 24x7 team in Canada.  In these roles I get to help the Support Professionals that field inbound calls.  When they get stuck or have a question about something I’m their go-to guy.  The 24x7 team is a unique support team in that it boasts a generalist model.  In that I have had the opportunity to become proficient in all areas of messaging (perhaps not as deeply as my peers though).  I do enjoy coding in my spare time and have ADModify to my credit as well as helping with many other smaller tools

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