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Name: Alex MacLeod

Title:    Software Test Engineering Lead

Things I do:      To say that I test Exchange setup would be misleading, because I…well, actually that’s exactly what I do, but it’s still misleading.  Setup means installation, add/remove, reinstall, disaster recovery, uninstall, and some modes the names of which I can’t even mention here on account of my grandmother recently started using the internet.  I’ve focused on the unattended installation feature of Exchange 2000 and 2003, as well as disaster recovery, coexistence and the Active Directory Connector installer.  It’s all good fun, but I’d rather be orienteering…

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  1. Aniket says:

    Hey but what about the problem itself.

    Okay, I could locate the ldif.err, but how do I go around the problem. I want to install the active directory connector and I am unable to, because of the above problem.

    Can u help in this regard ?

  2. Nino Bilic says:


    This is a bit out of the scope for Blog format… please go ahead and open up a PSS case on this or head over to Exchange newsgroups that can be found here:

    There is some troubleshooting to be done here – questions and answers… Thanks!

  3. Alex MacLeod says:

    If you’ve verified that the temp directory path contains a space, then it can be easily corrected. Simply do a SET command for both your TMP and TEMP environmental variables, and set them to something without a space — like C:mynewtempdirtemp. Then run ADC setup, which should be happy this time around. Once it’s complete you can set the TMP and TEMP variables back to what they were in the beginning.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alex MacLeod posted an excellent article on Exchange TechCenter that deals with creating and editing…

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