Excel Services – Consuming a SharePoint List using the ListData.svc

Here are the steps I performed to Consume a SharePoint List in Excel Services (SharePoint On Premise): I created a list at this location: http://sp/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/Lists/TomTestList/AllItems.aspx   I then called the listdata.svc from via Excel > Data tab > From Other Sources  > From Odata Feed > http://sp/_vti_bin/listdata.svc I selected my List. I then created a simple…


With PowerPivot 2012 for SharePoint 2013, thumbnails may not always generate properly in the PowerPivot gallery for non-PowerPivot workbooks (red X)

Issue Consider this scenario: You have a SharePoint 2013 environment with the PowerPivot 2012 add-in for SharePoint installed. You have non-PowerPivot workbooks in your PowerPivot gallery, and you have successfully set up scheduled data refreshes for those non-PowerPivot workbooks. When you upload the non-PowerPivot workbooks to the PowerPivot gallery, thumbnails for those workbooks are generated successfully….


PowerPivot – Scheduled data refresh get stuck in a loop (runs over and over).

I have had several customers experience the PowerPivot "scheduled data refresh" running over and over when setting the Schedule Details to Monthly and choosing a Day. Refresh Settings: As you can see below, the refresh runs over and over; it's stuck in a loop.  In this case every 5 seconds.  If the Data Model was larger…


Configuring BI Semantic Model Connections (BISM files) to PowerPivot Workbooks in SharePoint 2013

Many customers come to us with questions surrounding the use of BISM files.  Primarily why should they use them and how to configure them.  In the following I will attempt to answer both questions. Why: When you upload a PowerPivot workbook to SharePoint, SharePoint is intelligent enough to create a Data Model under the Analysis…


PowerPivot Management Dashboard – Post Install Configuration

When you first install PowerPivot for SharePoint, there are some configuration tasks that need to be completed to get basic functionality working for the PowerPivot Management Dashboard, as well as to get the groundwork laid out for data refresh and slicing inside of workbooks.   While not difficult to do, these steps are often missed…


Power View Sheets not rendering in the browser

If you are using a Power View Sheet and it is not rendering in the browser (see below screenshot): You will want to verify if you are using Office Web Apps Server 2013 (WopiFrame.aspx) to render the workbook by examining the URL: URL Example: http://servername/sites/BICenter/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?sourcedoc=%2Fsites%2FBICenter%2FTest%20PowerPivot%20Gallery%2FPower%2Exlsx&action=view If you are indeed using the WopiFrame.aspx, you will want…


What is PowerPivot for SharePoint? Part 1.

I find myself explaining PowerPivot to customers over and over.  Most understand parts of how it works but not the whole story.  I will touch on two parts; PowerPivot for Excel and PowerPivot for SharePoint. Part 1: PowerPivot for Excel PowerPivot for SharePoint is nothing without the Excel Rich Client and the PowerPivot Add-in.  Pre-Excel…


Excel Services – Using a SharePoint List as a data source

Update: You can consume a SharePoint Online list in Excel Online and On Premise if you call the ListData.svc: Excel Online – Consuming SharePoint Listshttp://blogs.technet.com/b/office_online_support_blog/archive/2014/12/17/excel-online-consuming-sharepoint-lists.aspx Excel Services – Consuming a SharePoint List using the ListData.svchttp://blogs.technet.com/b/excel_services__powerpivot_for_sharepoint_support_blog/archive/2015/07/28/excel-services-consuming-a-sharepoint-list-using-the-listdata-svc.aspx Since Excel Services inception (SharePoint 2007) users have been attempting to consume a SharePoint List in Excel Services.  Unfortunately this is…