With PowerPivot 2012 for SharePoint 2013, thumbnails may not always generate properly in the PowerPivot gallery for non-PowerPivot workbooks (red X)

Issue Consider this scenario: You have a SharePoint 2013 environment with the PowerPivot 2012 add-in for SharePoint installed. You have non-PowerPivot workbooks in your PowerPivot gallery, and you have successfully set up scheduled data refreshes for those non-PowerPivot workbooks. When you upload the non-PowerPivot workbooks to the PowerPivot gallery, thumbnails for those workbooks are generated successfully….


PowerPivot for SharePoint – Gallery Thumbnails Not Rendering

Many customers have reported after uploading a workbook to the PowerPivot Gallery, the thumbnails are not rendering: Snapshots will not work if you have chosen to open the workbooks in the Client application. To remedy this, follow the below instructions: To set the default open behavior for site collections In the SharePoint site collection, click…

Troubleshooting the PowerPivot Gallery. Thumbnails Not Rendering. Invoking and Analyzing the Getsnapshot.exe/Gallerysnapshot.exe

Before you do anything, browse (while logged on the WFE as the account running the Web Application) to C:\Users\<WebAppAccount>\AppData\Local\Temp.  This location MUST exist, I have seen issues where the User Profile for the WebAppAccount does not exist.  This is where the .pngs (thumbanails) are placed prior to being updated in the PowerPivot Gallery.  If they can't be…