PowerPivot for SharePoint – Error when running PowerPivot Configuration Tool: "The user is not a farm administrator."

You may receive the following error when running the PowerPivot Configuration Tool on a SharePoint application server running PowerPivot for SharePoint:



The user is not a farm administrator. Please address the validation failures and try again.


The user is required to be both a farm administrator and a site collection administrator in Central Administration.The error may occur if the user is not assigned to one of these groups.

To add the user as a farm administrator, go to Central Administration > Security > Manage the farm administrators group. Click on New > Add Users, enter the user, and click Share:



To add the user as a site collection administrator in Central Administration, go to Central Administration, click on the gear icon on the top right, and select Site settings. Then go to Users and Permissions > Site collection administrators. Enter the user and click OK:



After ensuring the user is in these two groups, the user should be able to run the PowerPivot Configuration Tool successfully.

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