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  1. F Watson says:

    Thank you for your detailed explanation… however, I still can’t get it to work! I keep getting the "Call to Excel Services returned an error" message – any other advice?

  2. Greg W says:

    Same. Followed steps and still get same error "Call to excel services returned an error"

  3. Arun Balu says:

    hi guys,

    I guess its too late to reply to your post but i hope it helps. I faced the same error but got it resolved. There are 2 steps to take note of when saving passwords using powerpivot.

    step1: you setup a database connection and enable “save password” and refresh the data in power pivot window.

    Step2: once this is done, you need to store the password in your workbook. this can be done by selecting power pivot -> Data -> connections -> Definition -> “Save Password”. Under authentication settings, choose the first option “use an authenticated service account”.

    Step3: Now try refreshing the data again within the workbook and Excel will prompt you to input the password. Once this is done and refreshed, Excel now has your password stored in it.

    Step4: Do note, the password is and SHOULD BE visible only to admins of the report. Because, everyone with admin rights can view the database password in clear text.

    Once this is done. Now upload your report in Sharepoint 2013 and you should be able to see the refresh work smooth.

    Hope this helps you or anyone else who is stuck with it.

    Here’s the link for a better understanding.


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