PowerPivot does not work with .atomsvc files


You are trying to create a PowerPivot model in an Excel workbook by fetching data from a .atomsvc file, or you want to data refresh a PowerPivot workbook that has a .atomsvc file in it.

You will get errors when doing the above activities:


"The payload kind 'BinaryValue' of the given data feed is not supported.
Failed to connect to the server. Reason: The payload kind 'BinaryValue' of the given data feed is not supported."


This is a known issue.



A .atomsvc file is just a file that contains a pointer to the real data source, like a SSRS report or a SharePoint list.  Instead of creating the PowerPivot data model with the .atomsvc file as the source, simply use a URL to the actual data source.

For a SSRS report it would look something like this:

http://sp2013ocsi/_vti_bin/ReportServer?http://sp2013ocsi/Shared Documents/EMEA1.rdl&rs:Command=Render&rs:Format=ATOM&rc:ItemPath=Tablix1

The ReportServer API is documented at:



Or for a SharePoint list:




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