Power View Sheets not rendering in the browser

If you are using a Power View Sheet and it is not rendering in the browser (see below screenshot):

You will want to verify if you are using Office Web Apps Server 2013 (WopiFrame.aspx) to render the workbook by examining the URL:

URL Example:


If you are indeed using the WopiFrame.aspx, you will want to flip this (via the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell) to use the ExcelService.asmx via:

New-SPWOPISuppressionSetting -extension xlsx -action view

In the below article, you will see that Power View Sheets are not visible in Office Web Apps 2013 (WopiFrame.aspx):

Power View in Excel on Office 365 or in SharePoint Server

Additional Information:

To verify the Suppression, run this command in the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell:


It should return: XLSX VIEW

To remove this Suppression run this command in the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell:

Remove-SPWOPISuppressionSetting -extension xlsx -action view

To understand the above Office Web Apps SharePoint 2013 Management Shell Commands refer to the below article:

Windows PowerShell for Office Web Apps (SharePoint 2013)

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