Excel Services – Query Warning


 You may receive the following warning dialog box when opening a workbook using Excel Services in SharePoint:



Be careful. This workbook contains one or more queries that might be unsafe. Do you want to enable these queries?


To suppress this and other warnings from Excel Services, go to SharePoint Central Administration > Application Management > Service Applications > Manage service applications > Excel Services application > Trusted File Locations and click on the Address that contains the workbook.



In the External Data section, under Warn on Refresh, uncheck Refresh warning enabled and click OK.



Users who access the workbook will no longer be presented with a warning dialog box.






Comments (9)

    1. Terry says:

      The link is taking me to an error screen. Can you repost?

      1. Terry: I have updated the link

  1. pawel says:

    Thanks for that, but how to do this in Office365? I’m constantly warned about external data refresh, but can’t turn it off – is there a way?

  2. Phil Cole says:

    I too would like to know how to turn this off in SharePoint Online/Office365.

  3. Speaking of, is there anyway to turn off the "New App" warning for Office Apps the first time they’re run? I’d love to hide it, since we’ve already added our custom app to our internal catalog.

  4. Wayne says:

    Good post worked like a charm

  5. Blue says:

    Wondering about any security concerns one might have with disabling this feature for a url. Yes, I could specify the url of our PowerPivot site. Yet, are there any security concerns, even in the event of an internal trusted site, that I might be missing?

    Thanks for any feedback,

    1. No, this is simply warning the user that the workbook runs a query to external data. Many users do not know where that external data comes from. It also could potentially delay their use of the workbook (in some cases, for a very long time if the refresh is slow). The fact that the user can click past the warning anyway means that the security concern is moot. If you have security/performance concerns about workbooks on your sites I would remove them until they can be validated and/or tested. Another option would be to restrict that site to open in the client application and take the risk off of the server side.

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