Tip o' the Week 328 – Clip for art's sake

As discussed in Tip o’ the Week 28, Office Clip Art changed a while back – out was the staid clip art composed of vectors and 1990s bitmaps.  In was an online search for stuff you might like, filtered loosely by content that’s maybe not always what it seems. You can, of course, use your…


Tip o' the Week 316 – Edge browser and Cortana

A short and sweet tip this week, concerning the Edge browser in Windows 10. If Windows 10 was “Threshold” and the November update was “TH2”, the next iteration of Windows 10 is being referred to as “Redstone”. Rumours have surfaced that the Edge browser is due to get some new features as part of the…


Tip o' the Week 302 - Bing Maps Preview

Bing Maps has had a bit of a refresh recently, with a new look and some tweaks to functionality & feel. The quickest way to get to the site is to type bingmaps into your browser’s address bar then press CTRL+ENTER, to add the www and the .com bit to either end, and be redirected…


Tip o’ the Week #298 – Searching and finding

Who keeps an up-to-date browser favourites list these days? Most people seem to find web sites by Binging/Googling (other search engines are available(!), though some of the pioneers are no longer around) for the site they know about, rather than in trying to keep a link that might change. This relates to the filing vs….


Tip o’ the Week #281 – Calculator rebooted

So, Windows 10 will be with us in less than 2 months. As well as many significant improvements and new experiences, there are a number of subtle but still cool updates. One such is the new calculator app, a “modern app” which has been enhanced compared to the old-fashioned Windows Calculator (which itself was updated…


Tip o’ the Week #256 – Clip Art clips off

Exactly 5 years after publishing the very first instalment (though it was internal only for a year before I started posting the tips on this blog), Tip o’ the Week goes Old Skool: #256, or 28, the number of combinations possible from a single byte. If you want to join the retro-fun, Sir Clive is backing…


Tip o' the Week #243 - Parliamo Glasgow?

The great Stanley Baxter had a famous series of comedy sketches looking to help Sassenachs and Embrafowk understand how to navigate a conversation (at say, a Hogmanay party) in the city that recently hosted the Commonwealth, and was hitherto known as “Second City of the British Empire”, or just Glesga to its natives. Navigating regional…


Tip o' the Week #216 – Bing Smart Search in Windows 8.1

Hopefully, everyone who was on Windows 8 should be running Windows 8.1 by now. There’s so much that was improved since Windows 8 released, some very noticeably (such as the return of the Start button, if you consider that an improvement) and some, less so – like all the Enterprise functionality that changed. Not to…


Tip o’ the Week #168 – Loving some Windows Phone 8 tips

At a recent “Love It” internal event hosted in Microsoft UK’s Reading campus, a whole series of tips and tricks were shared amongst other Microsofties. Did you know, for example, that with an application called ZipApp (www.zipapp.co.uk – check it out), you can build a Windows 8 app in a few minutes without writing any…


Tip o' the Week #157 - Bing photos R Us

Everybody loves the lovely photos that feature every day on Bing. Did you know the images can and do differ in disparate markets (eg PRC, USA and UK tend to have different images from each other)? You can set the flavour of Bing you’d like to see on http://www.bing.com/account/worldwide, so if you don’t love the…