Tip o’ the Week #265 – Sorting pages in OneNote

clip_image001As has been mentioned before on ToW, OneNote is the kind of application that lots of people really love; it has a legion of fans who take to getting things done & their stuff in order, and are increasingly able to access it from all sorts of places. OneNote has built-in sync capabilities with OneDrive (in fact, ‘Note was One when ‘Drive was still a figment of SkyDrive’s imagination…). OneNote is also now available on fruity devices, Macs, Googly fonez and of course, Windows Phone and browsers of all sorts.

On the primary OneNote 2013 desktop app on PC, there is a free & fabulous suite of add-ons which has also been covered on ToW passim: OneTastic. Produced by Omer Atay of the OneNote team, but released as his own work, it’s a smörgåsbord of great extensions to OneNote, especially OneCalendar (which shows you which pages you touched and when), and also has a powerful macro language to add functionality.


After installing OneTastic, you’ll see a bunch of additional commands on the Home ribbon in OneNote, and if you add any others from Omer’s extensive collection of downloadable macros, they’ll show up here (or on a separate tab, if you prefer) – some neat ones include the quick ability to insert horizontal lines across the page.

clip_image005Did you know, to add a quick horizontal line in Word or in Outlook, all you need to do is press the minus/dash key three times (“---“) and press Enter? Well OneNote doesn’t do that out of the box, so you may find Omer’s macros a clip_image007good solution.

Maybe one of the most useful macros, though, fixes something of an annoyance if you take loads of notes in OneNote – maybe a page for every customer you talk to, or every topic in a given section? There’s no built-in way to sort all your pages, short of manually dragging them around.


If you download the Sort Pages macro from Macroland, the problem is solved with a couple of clicks. The macro will sort all your pages in a given section, and sub-pages under each page too. Perfect for keeping an orderly notebook, and there are other sorting macros that will tidy up the order of sections, paragraphs, to-do lists & more.

clip_image011There are loads of other macros: from setting colours quickly, to creating tables of contents (listing every page in a notebook or section, with links directly to each page). Have a good look through Macroland, and if you’re a OneNote power user, you’ll be like a dog with two tails.

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  1. Arn von Swedén says:

    It is absolutely complete stupidity that a sorting function is lacking in OneNote! 🙁

  2. Adrian von Grueningen says:


  3. Joanne Mayer says:

    Downloaded OneTastic; Downloaded Sort Pages for OneNote…doesn’t work. I don’t see the options in OneNote that are listed in the How To.

  4. Johan says:

    What the heck Microsoft?!
    1. I can’t CTRL+C and CTRL+V normal freakin TEXT from OneNote to for example Evernote! It gives me a freaking image! I can edit images now can I?

    2. I can’t sort my notes in order of creation nor edited.

    How can a software NOT have these SIMPLY mechanics in 2017?
    I am throwing OneNote in the thrash and keep using ONLY Evernote.

    1. Jake says:

      Bashing MS for an Evernote bug seems a bit backwards. Pasting from the clipboard is pretty basic. OneNote pastes as text into every other application I’ve ever tried. If you can’t get that to work in Evernote, that is either their bug, or PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair).

  5. Ignacio says:

    Excelent! thanks for the tip

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