Tip o’ the Week #1– New Mail desktop alerts

In an attempt to resurrect this blog (again… I know, I know…), I’ve decided to repurpose some “Tip o’ the Week” emails that I’ve written and published for an internal Microsoft audience. Some of the internal ToW’s are very specific to Microsoft so I’ll probably skip them. Others will need polishing up a bit to…


OCS Custom Status updates – another update

Some time ago, I wrote on OCS custom status fields and how to implement them… Custom presence states in Office Communicator Custom presence states in Communicator, reprise Custom presence states in OCS – revisited again Well, security changes in the way Office Communicator works mean that, by default, the client needs to download its configuration…


OCS Registry

Registry file pointing to EwanD status OCSstatus.reg

OCS Serious

Serious serious.xml

OCS funny

Funny status funny.xml

OCS Generic

generic placeholder generic.xml

OCS Ewand

Ewan D placeholder –   <?xml version=”1.0″ ?> – <customStates xmlns=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/09/2005/communicator/customStates” xmlns:xsi=”http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance” xsi:schemaLocation=”http://schemas.microsoft.com/09/2005/communicator/customStates http://livecommteam/sites/main/ice/Wave%2012%20Docs/CustomActivities.xsd”> – <customState ID=”1″ availability=”online”>   <activity LCID=”1033″>In TVP</activity>   </customState> – <customState ID=”2″ availability=”busy”>   <activity LCID=”1033″>Actually pretty busy</activity>   </customState> – <customState ID=”3″ availability=”online”>   <activity LCID=”1033″>Working from home</activity>   </customState> – <customState ID=”4″ availability=”do-not-disturb”>   <activity LCID=”1033″>Presenting and Projecting</activity>…

Snipping tool for OneNote users

Following on somewhat from my off-topic Walking in the Country post, I thought I’d recount one useful tip that helps in grabbing the maps (or any other screen content, for that matter . at least anything that isn’t rights-protected). If you have OneNote installed, press WindowsKey+S to initiate a snapshot, just like the Windows Snipping…

Going for a walk in the country

I know it’s been a bit quiet in recent weeks here, but I figured I could chip in the now traditional New Year random post, which might of interest outside of the working day. Here’s last year’s post on how to wash you car. During the Christmas and New Year holidays, I’ve been doing a…