Bulk update Outlook Contacts’ phone numbers to be E.164 compliant

Here’s a quick & dirty tool I put together for Outlook to be able to update all the phone numbers of contacts to make them E.164 compliant. It relates back to a post a while back around the challenges of formatting numbers ‘correctly’, particularly important once you get into using click-to-dial technologies such as Office…


Exchange 2007 SP1 signed off

The Exchange team gave the green light to build 240.06 of SP1 yesterday! The download will be available here as soon as they can get the packages deployed to the web. More information on what’s in SP1 is on Technet already.


Drowning in a deluge of spam

I’m sure everyone knows that email spam is a growing problem and that there’s not a great deal we can do to stop it entirely – initiatives like SenderID can help reduce the volume an organisation receives, and by using smart sender and recipient filtering* and connection filtering to drop inbound connections from known spammers…


Fun and games with identity (and keeping it safe)

I was going to title this post, “the Wizard of Id” but decided against it. It hasn’t been a great week for the UK government’s HMRC (Revenue & Customs) department, who admitted losing a couple of CDs which had an unencrypted export of the name, address, national insurance number and in some case, bank account…


NASA’s new server – with 4Tb of RAM and 2048 CPU cores

Wow. George Ou from ZDNet wrote yesterday about NASA’s new supercomputer, the most powerful single node computer in the world. It comprises 1024 dual-core Itanium2 CPUs with 4Tb of memory. The article doesn’t say what OS the beast is running, but one of the comments says that they have used a custom kernel based on…


When bean counters start counting things they don’t understand the value of.

I’ve been having a discussion with an old friend, who’s telling me of a large financial institution that have suddenly started getting very picky about spending on IT. Maybe it’s the financial environment right now – the tabloids are desperate to paint a doomsday scenario where all the banks are on the verge of collapse,…


Zune software and firmware upgrade now live

Just noticed that www.zune.net has the latest Zune software for the PC and corresponding device firmware, available for download. Today marks the on-sale date of the new Zune devices too. I’ll be in NYC early next month… and I’m confident (at the moment at least) that I’ll resist the urge to upgrade the hardware… Given…


Gartner’s wisdom and the IO models

Over the years, Microsoft and Gartner Inc (neé Gartner Group)  have had an interesting relationship: sometimes very close partners and colleagues in research projects, sometimes taking opposite stances to a position and being criticised by the other. I’ve met a lot of IT people who have a similar bias – some pay Gartner for their…


Careful what names you give to Outlook Contacts when using UM!

This is a follow up to Friday’s post about what happens if you have Exchange Unified Messaging set up to send you notifications on missed call alerts (and on voicemail), using caller-ID to reverse lookup against the personal contacts folder. Stephen Spence commented: Fingers crossed nobody is using silly names for any of their contacts…


I learned a cool thing about Exchange UM today

I’ve seen this behaviour in practice before, but I don’t think it really clicked with me until Neil May from PostCTI (who was hosting our penultimate Exchange Unplugged event today) told me how pleased he was with it. This functionality concerns the “missed call notification” feature of Exchange Unified Messaging – as well as the server…