Outlook 2007 update – performance improvement on large PST/OST files

I've been beta-testing this update for a little while and it seems to make quite a difference to the performance of Outlook 2007 (especially at startup) when you have large PST files, or a large offline cache of a mailbox. The Outlook team released it live, yesterday.


I'd highly recommend giving it a go - it's one of those updates where you might not really notice much positive improvement after you've installed it, but you do notice that there are less of the times where you notice there's a performance problem 🙂

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  1. EwanD says:

    Thanks Nic!

    I guess we have a similar dilemma to public authorities – once something gets reported as a problem and you figure out what the cause is, at what point does it make sense to make people aware of it? In the case of security issues, we tend to react more quickly, but in case of performance or functionality improvements, we normally wait until we have a solution before going public with it … but I think blogs are getting to be the way to keep in touch about stuff like this: to get a KB article published is a lot harder than just blogging about something, and (fortunately), Microsoft is very relaxed about the way that blogs are used. Maybe other IT companies will follow that same example…

  2. Nic FLetcher says:

    Wow… it made a BIG difference. Maybe because I am using an ultra portable with a slower drive and less processor speed (and it’s two years old).

    Seriously, this morning I was considering moving back to Outlook 2003 because I couldn’t take the performance issues… sure the overall program is a little sluggier, but at least it is now usable. The biggest difference I have noticed is the rendering time of HTML messages and also the speed of downloading email (I don’t use exchange at the moment).

    The KB articile say to use update… but it isn’t there yet… but you can find it at the MS download page.

  3. Nic FLetcher says:

    P.S. I meant to say thanks to the guys are Microsoft… it’s a shame they can’t announce earlier that they recognise the problem and are working on it… but for your blog, I might well have uninstalled tomorrow!

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