Windows Mobile 6 – aka Crossbow

I've been in Seattle all week at a technical conference and have been largely living on Windows Mobile devices ... I have a QTek 8500 Smartphone (which is really nice and small Smartphone), a Palm Treo 750 (a Pocket PC with a smaller screen and built in thumboard) and an Orange SPV M3100 (larger PPC with slide out keyboard, Wifi etc). I've also been using Windows Mobile 6 (aka Crossbow) on a couple of other devices for ages... and have gotten really used to some of its new functionality regarding the way e-mail, calendar etc is handled when running against an Exchange 2007 server.

Jason (who was yesterday presenting to a room of 500 screaming and yelling people whilst - I kid you not - dressed as a pirate) has posted on his Mr Mobile! blog with a great summary of what's new in Windows Mobile 6...

... now I can't wait to see it hit the streets on some of the exciting devices that are out now or will be coming soon!


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  1. Dinesh B says:


    Not sure if its the right place for this – but it is about a  Treo 750 which uses WM5.

    The problem is that I can’t read the default fonts (since I use reading glasses) without support – even to the extent of finding out who is calling.

    Although I have WM set up to max font sizes (with ClearType on), when I type in a name and it gives me a choice of phone numbers – I can’t read those options due to the font sizes

    – anyway to customize this???



    PS: Please reply to

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