SPAM SWAG up for grabs

SWAG == Stuff We All Get (named after the procedure of getting lots of branded merchandise you didn't realise you wanted - or maybe don't really...)

Anyway, for my session at IT Forum (UCM313 - Anti-spam Enhancements in Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2), I ordered a load of SWAG to dish out to the audience (the things you'll do to get a better feedback rating ;-), but since it was all ordered from the US, it got stuck in customs & I didn't get the stuff in time for going to Barcelona. I had wanted to give away SPAM-branded hats, Frisbees, lanyards, fly-swats (yes ...) etc, all ordered from - but they never arrived in time!

The coup-de-grace was going to be the SPAM can hat, ably modeled by my buddy Sandeep here...

I'll send some spare SWAG to the best anecdotes I receive by email or comments through this blog, on how you're using Exchange to beat the SPAM mail menace... so get thinking!


PS. Top marks to Hormel Foods for embracing the fact that "SPAM" is now as commonly used to describe junk mail as their fine tinned meat product. So many trademark holders crack down on people using their name, yet Hormel seem to have a refreshingly cool attitude to the whole thing... 

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  1. EwanD says:

    Another definition for SWAG is in software development methology – some time ago, it stood for "Some Wild Assed Guess" (eg "How long would it take to code that feature?" "My SWAG would be 2 weeks") but it’s probably got some other definition now 🙂 Whatever, the term is still used by the Exchange group to mean the length of time it takes to do a piece of work.

  2. Blake Handler says:

    I’ve work in broadcast radio supporting Microsoft technology for 19 years. And we get way too much SWAG — but we jokingly say it means "So What Another Giveaway" (^_^)

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